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A Social License to Operate - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 072

May 6, 2022

Alvin Haygan is the Global IS Change Management Leader at the Lubrizol Corporation. He used to work at Wendy’s and from that job he saw what having change done to you feels like, and it inspired him to make sure that change is done with people rather than to them. Alvin joins host Justin Lake to talk about his experience in change management and how he wants to positively impact frontline workers. 




  • Understanding what the frontline workers go through is one of the biggest challenges that they face today. 
  • You don’t want to change to be something that is done to you, but rather you want to be a part of the process. 
  • Prior preparation prevents poor performance. If you set up any changes in a company, you should do prep work ahead of time to make sure it will be successful. 
  • Change managers have a “social license to operate”, or an agreement that both sides understand they are going to work on the change together.
  • You want everyone to have bought in on the change. You have to have the perspective that it is positive and good for everyone and then people will pay more attention to it.
  • Change localization is where you focus on one particular area and the change that will be occurring with that area.
  • Change is about empowering people. If you are empowering people, you provide them with strategies and listen to what input they might have. 

Quote of the show


1:50 “You don’t want change to happen to you, you want it to happen with you.”




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