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Apply, Change and Solve - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 084

July 15, 2022

Bob Mosher is the CEO/Chief Learning Evangelist at APPLY Synergies. He helps learning organizations, design, develop and measure effective learning. He is also a columnist for Chief Learning Officer Magazine. Bob joins host Eugene Signorini to talk about the rapid rate of change and other challenges that deskless workers are facing. 




  • The rapid rate of change is one the biggest challenges facing frontline workers today. The day of learning having a shelf life is in the past. 
  • Covid really brought out the elephant in the room, especially in terms of L&D about how training and learning hasn’t been taught or kept up with in the best manner.
  • In L&D, there is a process of apply, change and solve. You apply a new solution to a problem, change it if that doesn’t work and try to solve the issue for deskless workers.
  • When you are going to introduce change, you want to make sure the methodology of the message makes sense and it reaches home to the frontline employees.
  • Failure isn’t critical. Letting know that failure isn’t the absolute worst outcome is something that can ease the burden on workers. 
  • You want to enable frontline workers to be self confident and have self efficacy, so you need to train them on those so they don’t fall into the negative or between the cracks.
  • Onboarding a new employee shouldn’t be more than 15 - 30 days because they won’t be able to retain all the information.

Quote of the show


2:43 “I think what [covid] has done for us is show us things that we've gotta be more attentive to in this space. And change has been a constant for too long. I think it's fallen on the shoulders of the frontline workers who’ve done their best, often in spite of our efforts frankly, to keep up and perform effectively.” 


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