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Avoiding Resource Depletion - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 087

August 5, 2022

Today’s guest uses his experience with his psychology background to help frontline employees make it through a successful change program. Matt Pita is the Manager, Enterprise Change Management at one of the largest communications companies. Matt joins host Justin Lake to talk about ways to properly introduce change to those on the frontline. 



  • The biggest challenge that frontline workers face is that they are experiencing a lot of change and have little to no input on what the change actually will be.
  • The reason why change happens is so crucial. Change should start from the bottom and work its way up with it making sense along the way.
  • Stressors tend to come up for people when there isn’t a clear plan in place. The best way to avoid stress for employees is to lay out a clear path of change.
  • Put yourself in the frontline workers shoes. You should think about the everyday parts of their job and try to find ways to make their lives easier.
  • Synchronous training is like calling a timeout on your team. It helps to sit down and talk through objectives and goals for change.
  • It’s the job of those working in change management to identify if there are any holes in a change process and to fill them.
  • You want to inform frontline employees ahead of time for any change that is coming down the road. This will allow them to best prepare for what is coming down the road.


Quote of the show

1:00 “[There’s] largely too much change all at once with no input on what the change would be. I would say that’s number one.”




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