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Bearing the Weight of Change - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 068

April 22, 2022

Ciprian Porutiu is the Vice President, Operations & Delivery at Marsh McLennan. He believes the most important part of a company are the employees, and that feeds into his passion for change management. He joins host Eugene Signorini to talk about some of the biggest challenges facing frontline workers and how they can be solved. 





  • The frontline workers are the ones bearing the weight of any change. They should be trained to be the experts in the change and given whatever tools they need.
  • It’s important to make sure that they are able to give feedback on what they are hearing from clients and others using the new technology.
  • You want to be agile when it comes to change management. To do this you want to deliver small values incrementally with a lot of feedback.
  • When trying to reach an objective, you need to set a plan to reach those objectives. Those plans need to be adopted by someone, and everyone needs to be on the same page.
  • Face to face interactions allow for more of an in depth understanding rather than on video calls or phone calls.
  • The most important asset of a company is its employees. The more you leverage the value of a company, the company gets put in a better position.
  • If you want to have frontline workers accept change, then they need to be part of the process of the change and have their voices heard.

Quote of the show


21:26 “The most important asset of a company are its employees. So the more you're able to leverage the value and the richness that every single employee has, the better position is the company in.”



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