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Continuity of Change - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 080

June 17, 2022

Tony Fatouros is the Director of IT - OCM and Change Enablement at Mattel. He is passionate about helping organizations adopt digital technologies to achieve benefits faster. Tony joins host Justin Lake to talk about the significant challenges that frontline workers are facing and how we can overcome them. 




  • The biggest challenge facing the deskless workforce today is the capacity of change. Not only do they have more on their plate, but guidelines are constantly changing.
  • The men and women on the frontline don’t have the same luxury as the workers who are working remotely, so their challenges are more unique.
  • You have to manage expectations for those experiencing change, they need to understand it is a long process.
  • Set goals along the way during the change process, so that there are measurables that can be used to determine the success of change,
  • Help people to understand what they are really accountable for. This will help them understand what they need to do on their end.
  • It’s important to have continuity in the experience of change. If you keep the message and the tone consistent, people will be more likely to absorb it.
  • Providing updates throughout the process takes away the uncertainty of the change. Being transparent will allow them to trust you and be more willing to accept the change.

Quote of the show


24:05 ​​”We're bringing you up to date throughout the process, this is our current plan. We'll provide you with updates. So what we're actually doing is kind of peeling off some of the uncertainty, which actually does create some of that capacity for people.”



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