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Drip Feed Learning - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 025

November 19, 2021

Listening to deskless workers can provide valuable feedback for those in the management position. On this episode of Frontline Innovators, host Justin Lake is joined by Shelby Matzell, Manager, Gas Transformation Change Office at National Grid. Together they talk about how utilizing feedback from the frontline workers can make those hard workers feel heard and understood, while also answering questions that management may not have known where being asked. 





  • The biggest challenge facing deskless workers today is being able to reach them with communication. 
  • With frontline workers not being in the office, it’s important to stay in touch with them. All teams should be on the same app to make that easier. 
  • Repetition is key. You can’t expect people to understand new technologies or new plans on the first try, so it’s important to have a process and plan in place to explain it all.
  • Listen to those on the frontline. They might need a refresher on an app or a tool, whatever it may be, as long as you listen to them and help it only makes everyone’s job easier. 
  • Video presentations are an easier way of learning to use technology rather than just sharing screenshots.
  • Drip-feed learning is when you provide information to those on the frontline in a slow and methodical way, rather than overloading them with change.

Quote of the show:


11:51 “I would say if we could just take their feedback from any form that we're able to get that from, whether it's a survey, live feedback, anything that they're requesting more info on, or just like we talked about a tool.

If it's a tool that they need a refresher on, whatever it is that they're asking for. And if we have the ability to deliver that for them doing the best we can to meet them where they need to be. Because I do think if we were able to take their feedback or their suggestions and deliver, then they would be more receptive to anything else that we bring to them in terms of communication or in terms of what they need to know for their role, and being able to deliver that as well.”





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