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Funneling Information - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 066

April 15, 2022

Karan Froom is the Director, Business Transformation Organizational Change Management at The Clorox Company. After sitting through an orientation class at a banking job, she found a passion for teaching people. Karan sits down with host Justin Lake to talk about the issues facing frontline employees and how to overcome them.





  • One of the biggest challenges facing frontline workers is the lack of human connection. With being out in the field and using video calling, they rarely get to interact with others from their office.
  • In change management, you want to take someone from a current state to a future state that is better for them.
  • Change can be painful if not done right. You want to invest in a good change management team so that they can make the change painless.
  • Look at change management through the lens of it being a funnel. You want to start broad at the top and narrow down until everything is clear at the end.
  • Let people know of the change that is coming down the road. Give them a road map of what the timeline for the changes will look like and people will understand.
  • Look at all levels of management and leadership when executing change. They are part of the people who need to be included in this as well and their support can go a long way.
  • There has to be a willingness to accept the change. Make sure that people are informed of what will happen and make sure they are ok with it.

Quote of the show


16:29  “I use the concepts that I like to think of as a funnel. So if you think about the top of the funnel being the broad concepts of the benefits of what the change is, and then as you go down the funnel, you get more specific…It's a process, I like to talk about change as being an art and a science.”



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