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Getting Through the Change Cycle - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 022

November 9, 2021

On this episode of Frontline Innovators, Michelle Pacilli, the Change Adoption Manager at Echo Global Logistics, joins host Justin Lake to talk about the biggest challenges facing frontline workers today and how a sense of community amongst deskless workers and management can help those on the frontline get through issues they are facing. 





  • The biggest challenge that frontline workers face today is how they can make working from home easier on themselves.
  • The sense of community that has occurred during the pandemic is helpful for frontline workers. It helps them to feel connected to management and not alone.
  • During the pandemic, many companies switched from making their typical products to help those in need, which influenced how those on the frontline do their work.
  • The frontline workers are the ones that speak directly to the customers, so they need to be up to date on all the latest technology and information.
  • Letting the stakeholders and frontline workers try out new technologies is a great way to get realistic feedback on what works and what doesn’t.
  • TMS is a Transportation Management System; it’s how companies like Echo Global Logistics manage their day to day tasks such as billing and invoicing.

Quote of the Show: 


1:34 “The silver lining of everything that's happened over the last two years is that we've developed a community in a sense, in any aspect, whether that be at work or at home frontline workers.


We've developed this sense of 'got to get through this together and what are you doing to help you get through this?’ And so it's very interesting.” 



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