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Having Empathy - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 071

May 3, 2022

Kyle Spitzley is the OKR Coach and Change Management Professional at Amway. He has a wide span of experience within change management, using many many different mindsets to show how change can be effective. Kyle joins host Justin Lake to talk about some of the challenges that face frontline workers and how actions speak louder than words.





  • The greatest challenge for frontline workers is that they are the least represented at moments of strategic planning.
  • Don’t build to the average means of everyone. Each employee has different needs and thoughts so change will look different to each person.
  • Gemba is Japanese for “Go see”, and it’s an important mindset when it comes to working with frontline workers. You want to spend time going and see how they do their job.
  • SCARF is a model of change that stands for - Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness
  • Actions speak louder than words. You want to be there with the frontline workers and go through the change with them, rather than doing change to them.
  • Customers have a choice to buy or work with your company. You treat that with care and cater to their needs. We need to do that with frontline workers as well.
  • Have empathy for those on the frontline. They are the ones dealing with customers and trying to solve problems while out in the field.

Quote of the show


1:05 “I think the challenge is how do we make sure the voice of the frontline worker is not only heard, but is valued, is listened to and is incorporated into the strategic decision-making that goes on at a company”



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