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Keep It Simple - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 078

May 27, 2022

Danyele Harris-Thompson is the Change & Transformation Senior Manager at Kao Corporation. She sees how overloaded deskless workers are and aims to fix that, as well as some of the other issues that plague frontline employees. Danyele joins host Justin Lake to talk about how new technology and change management tools can help to serve those deskless employees.




  • The biggest challenge facing frontline workers today is that they are cognitively overloaded. That overload makes things more complicated in various different ways. 
  • Most projects across an organization require employees to change for it to be successful, and sometimes they can be hesitant to change.
  • If a change process fails, then you have to rebuild trust and that is difficult. You want to make sure that change is smooth and doesn’t hit roadblocks.
  • The people side of change is one of the most difficult things but is important to making change successful.
  • As an internal employee, you are more connected to the work going on at the organization which allows you to measure the success of a project.
  • An internal survey about change management is a good way to see how employees feel about changes and how to improve the process.
  • If you don’t have the resources to do a project, then you are setting up the organization, and all those involved with the project, to fail. 

Quote of the show

5:01 “If people don't use this tool, if they are not understanding what this tool is about or this new process change, all the costs that we're putting into this, financial, people's time, people's attention, it's all for not, what's the point?” 


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