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Lead with Emotions - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 095

September 30, 2022

Molly Fields is the Senior Director of Learning and Development at TCC & Wireless Zone, a Verizon Authorized Retailer. Molly is passionate about making sure that leaders are emotionally invested in their teams and care for them. Molly joins the host Justin Lake to talk about the importance of being a good team leader and how that can motivate and make a difference to those working on the frontline.



  • The biggest problem facing deskless workers today is that they aren’t able to balance things as well as they used to be able to because they have more on their plate than they are used to. 
  • The emotional aspect is where a direct leader can have the most impact on other members of their team.
  • As a leader, it is your responsibility to lead your people and treat them with respect like the people they are, and then looking at them as workers comes second.
  • Change doesn’t start from the top down. The best way to make change stick and work is by having the middle management people get the frontline workers to switch over and then the change will stick. 
  • When it comes to bringing in new technology a new strategy, you want to try and sell it to the frontline workers with the mindset that they won’t like it and then get them to see the benefits of it.
  • Think about the “stars” of your company and get them on camera to try and sell some change. The message will be more impactful coming from them rather than from someone in upper management.
  • If you are not actively pursuing some kind of skill development then you are falling behind. You have to look at it what you can you do to be better at your job.


Quote of the show

5:51 “As the leader, you do have to lead your people emotionally first as people, not as performers.” 




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