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Optimizing for the Future - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 042

January 21, 2022

Debbie Simurda is the Vice President, Sales Enablement at Mainstreet, Inc. She enjoys helping stores reach their full potential with technology and making sure employees are happy with what they do. She joins host Eugene Signorini to sit down and talk about some of the issues that frontline workers are facing today. 





  • In terms of retail, it has been a difficult few years for those employees. They have had to deal with constant changes to their environment and rules. 
  • Retail isn’t for the timid. It can be very taxing on a daily basis having to deal with ever changing rules and regulations.
  • Maintaining your work equipment is extremely important. Paying to repair the technology takes it out of commission and affects all aspects of retail.
  • Being on the back end of technology allows you to really see benefit to it and how it helps the stores that are using it. 
  • You can’t sell something if you don’t know it. It’s important to know your product and how it could benefit others to use it.
  • The pandemic helped to implement new technology that some companies were hesitant to try out at first. 
  • There is a shift now of making stores more highly optimized and consumer friendly, such as including curbside pickup. 

Quote of the show


9:19 “If a retailer has a device in their stores that isn't functioning, then that not only impacts customer service, it impacts uptime. It's a lot more money for them to maintain it. They need to invest in spares. And so with our clients, we tried to get them to kind of look at a ruggedized mobility solution like zebra. And I think more and more of them are embracing it”



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