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Ordering Up Invention - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 082

July 1, 2022

Matthew Candito is the Vice President of Training & Operations Services at One Table Restaurant Brands. Matthew moved out to LA in 2004 and worked in many different positions within the restaurant space, eventually finding his passion for the restaurant industry and working with people. Matthew joins host Justin Lake to talk about some of the challenges facing frontline workers and how we can overcome them. 




  • One of the biggest challenges facing frontline workers is that the corporate side doesn’t fully understand the aptitude level of deskless workers in terms of technology.
  • You have to be as efficient as possible to deploy training and to get people up to speed to produce the desired outcome.
  • A lot of restaurant organizations don’t invest the proper funds into training and give it the proper due.
  • When bringing on a different management system, most people can adapt really well to using it like an app on their phones.
  • A modular viewpoint for training can be very useful. Using a video system to train people allows them to see the training in action.
  • Giving people the tools they need to succeed and have it in one place is a great solution. You can have all the information on one ipad and train everyone on how to use it.
  • The rising cost of labor across the nation has forced restaurants to be more careful where they spend their money, and that comes at the cost of technology.

Quote of the show


0:59 “One of the biggest challenges facing dustless workers right now is the corporate side of the business typically does not understand the aptitude level of a lot of its team members as it relates to technology.”




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