Frontline Innovators

The Analytics Behind Frontline - Frontline Innovators - Episode #3

June 22, 2021

On this episode of Frontline Innovators, we discuss new technology and analytics of today’s desk-less frontline workforce. What is the best technology for your team? How can companies better address the frontline workers’ pain points?

Deanna Self, Industry Principal - Supply Chain at Zebra Technologies, shares her experience with frontline workers and addressing pain points through technology implementation.



  • Being desk-less is one of the biggest challenges facing the frontline workforce. It can be a challenge keeping up to date on new policies without easy access to communication through technology.
  • Many companies do not have analytics on the frontline. These are essential to optimizing operations and deciphering whether or not the go-to-market strategy needs to be reorganized.
  • Not everything requires technology to be solved. Find what makes the most sense for your organization based on the long term objectives. 
  • When discussing with the frontline workforce you are often talking within silos. A lot of times a company will implement a change but not understand how it will impact up or down stream.
  • Be proactive on the innovation front. Look at the technology through a need to have versus want to have lens. Is implementing _____ technology going to help now or is it something to circle back to in the future.
  • The pandemic allowed people to prove that they can accomplish their tasks outside of the traditional work settings.




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