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The Barriers to Change - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 086

July 29, 2022

Today’s episode features two special guests. Charlie Jones is the Senior Manager - Customer Education - Change and Adoption Management at Esri, and Lyndal Brookhart is the Principal Adoption Strategy Consultant at Esri. They both join host Eugene Signorini to talk about some of the challenges facing frontline workers and how digital adoption can help them in their work lives. 




  • The biggest barrier to digital adoption is change. It is critical to adopt new technologies so it’s important to build in the appropriate amount of time for that. 
  • You need to connect the dots for the frontline workers as to why it’s so important for them to adopt new technologies.
  • Frontline workers are more likely to listen to what a direct manager has to say than someone from corporate that they’ve never met before. 
  • You need to have recognized value in terms of change, so you need to have complete buy-in for a change to be successful.
  • You want to help your end users and workers in your company make the world a better place.
  • Sometimes the phrase change management can be scary to frontline employees and they might be resistant to change from past bad experiences.
  • When you are putting out a very technical message with change, it needs to apply to everyone in the organization. 

Quote of the show


1:22 “When I talk with organizations, this is what comes up for everybody is often the biggest barrier to adoption, and that's time”


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