Frontline Innovators

The Lighthouse of Change - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 038

January 7, 2022

Ken White, Change Manager at Lowe’s, shares his experience having worked for the state department of Tennessee to bring all their workers online. Ken joins host Justin Lake to discuss some of the issues that are facing the frontline workforce today and ways that we can work on solving those issues. 





  • The biggest challenge facing the frontline workforce today is technology driven change saturation.
  • Communication is the backbone of change management. It helps to have a good back and forth communication to incorporate change and have it be positivity received. 
  • Project lighthouse was Duke energy’s flagship product to digitally transform itself. 
  • Never stop listening to the customer. You are there to digitally transform products to make their life easier. 
  • There’s no such thing as a bad idea. You want everyone in the company to feel heard and you can always learn something new from any idea. 
  • An empathy map is when you take a typical employee and you take how they feel about their job and what they do into account and try to make them happier. 
  • Every company is turning more and more to technology to get work done because of the pandemic. 

Quote of the show


17:57 “An empathy map is taking your typical job roles, say line technician, and we divide them up into four categories. And as the development team, we talk about the typical line technician, and we talk about what the line tech is thinking, what they're actually doing on their job on a daily basis, what they're feeling about what they're doing and what they're saying about what they do and the organization.”



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