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The Readiness of Change - Frontline Innovators - Episode #037

January 4, 2022

Kate DeGon is the Founder and CEO at Changesync. She’s a prosci certified management consultant. She was formerly the President of the Arizona chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). She sits down with host Eugene Signorini to discuss what some of the challenges are that frontline employees are facing. 





  • The biggest challenge facing the frontline workforce today is time. These employees are incredibly busy and when change comes in, that adds extra work onto their plate. 
  • Most frontline employees are remote, so you want to make sure the change you are working on is something that can be done remotely for them and with ease. 
  • Most people are not a huge fan of surprises in the workforce. It’s best to take the time and slowly incorporate the change, so everyone is on the same page.
  • It’s imperative to use technology that is easier to use. There’s no need to use software that makes your job more complicated.
  • The employees are the ones who make the change stick, so making sure they are happy and they understand what is happening is key.
  • Change management teams are typically small, which allows them to quickly pivot to new changes and focus on what employees are saying.
  • You want to find people who will champion the change. They will help facilitate the change and address any issue with it. 

Quote of the show: 


5:15 “Readiness is really helping to prepare the employees who are impacted regardless of the level of impact, really helping to prepare them for the impending change. And this precedes the actual formal training.  Let's be honest, most people are not huge a fan of opening up their computer or getting a message somehow and hearing that there's a big change. Those surprises just really aren't welcomed in the workforce.”



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