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The Right Elements in Place - Frontline Innovators - Episode # 028

December 3, 2021

On today’s episode of Frontline Innovators, the guest went to school for chemical engineering and has spent his entire life in technology. Alok Pant, the CEO at Unvired Inc, joins host Euegene Signorini. Together they go over some of the biggest challenges that deskless workers face, such as learning new apps designed to make their lives and jobs easier out in the field. 





  • The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed every company to switch as much as they can to digital rather than paper, and this creates more technology for those on the frontline to learn with very little training and constant updates and changes
  • There are 4 challenges that frontline workers face; making sure they can do their work effectively, user adoption change management, how do you train those in these field on the new app, and how do you deploy the app.
  • Training and change management are not one in the same, although mos think that they are. 
  • Communication between everyone ranging from the vendor to the CEO is key to running a successful business, and that doesn’t stop with deskless workers.
  • A mobile app is a great way to stay in touch with those who work in the field. Oftentimes they might not even have an email, but you can send a notification right to them.
  • When developing new technology, you want to make sure it is user friendly and intuitive for those on the frontline.
  • Projects are more successful when an executive sponsor or somebody else on the customer’s side are heavily interested in the project.

Quote of the show

17:03 “If you think of change management, OCM, it starts with leadership. Right from the CEO to the vice presidents, everybody has to be committed to something they're trying to change, the process. And that's why digitization is happening. So I think it starts from leadership.


A very important component of change management is communication to all stakeholders, to all your employees, even to maybe board members, investors. the money spent is significant, and of course, to your vendors. Communication has to be key. That's what we found.”



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